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Health Services Manager

Career Overview: Health Services Manager

Health services managers, also known as health care administrators, hold executive positions in health care facilities where they plan and direct the delivery of health care services. Health services managers devise and monitor budgets, which can include complicated billing systems involving insurance carriers, Medicare and patients with no insurance whatsoever.

Large facilities may have a number of health service managers dedicated to specific departments who report to a chief services manager. Departmental management could include a clinical services manager, health information manager, operations manager, financial manager, and so forth.

Education Requirements

A masters degree in health administration or an MBA with health administration emphasis is usually necessary for a job at a large institution. Smaller sites such as outpatient clinics may be managed by a person with a bachelors degree and experience in a non-executive role.


There were 262,000 health systems managers in 2007; thirty seven percent worked in hospitals and twenty two percent were employed in nursing facilities or doctors' offices. The remainder were employed by the Federal Government or by home health care organizations and other private contractors.

Job Outlook

This job category will grow at faster than the average rate due to the continuing institutionalization of health care. Even physician partnerships have grown in size in order to give the partners some bargaining leverage with insurance companies. Many of these practices employ system managers.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $22.53  $46,860
Median Salary  $37.01  $76,990
Highest 10%  $63.74  $132,580

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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