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Key Members of Veterinary Teams

If you love animals, like working with your hands, and have a solid basic math competency, becoming a veterinary technician is a great career choice. Veterinary technicians work in animal clinics or hospitals under the supervision of licensed veterinarians. You'll help in preparing animals and equipment for surgeries, taking radiographs, collecting specimens for lab work, performing minor dental procedures, and maintaining pet patient histories.

Online vet tech training is comprehensive, and you'll complete the clinical training portion of the program through on-site practice with a sponsoring licensed veterinarian. Each state has its own regulations governing the credentialing of veterinary technicians.

Of course, you'll work in concert with other trained professionals. Some duties may overlap the different roles. Here's a breakdown of the veterinary team that, along with vet techs, completes the staff at clinics and pet hospitals:

The Veterinarian
Veterinarians are licensed doctors who specialize in diagnosis, medication prescriptions, treatments, and surgical procedures. They typically undertake six or more years of education before completing their licensing. They are often business owners or may work in hospitals, clinics, research labs, zoos, aquariums, or at government animal facilities.

Veterinary Hospital Manager
Most large clinics or pet hospitals employ managers to supervise personnel hiring, training, and staff efficiency. They may be skilled in handling the facility operating budget, managing payroll, ensuring regulatory compliance, and directing marketing campaigns.

Depending on the clinic or hospital, receptionists may greet people, handle admissions paperwork, set appointments, and perform bookkeeping or insurance billing tasks. They often explain procedures and office practices to customers.

Veterinary Assistants
Veterinary assistants may aspire to become veterinary techs or veterinarians, working while they train for their career. They often handle animal feeding, grooming, and exercising, or perform restraint work in the kennels.

Allied Veterinary Personnel
In a larger pet hospital setting, there are additional team members that can include kennel workers, volunteers, grief counselors, and pet adoption staff.

It takes a village to keep animals hale and hearty.

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