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Gaming Supervisor

Career Overview

Gaming supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the gambling areas in a casino. A gaming supervisor manages the staffing for all casino floor activities, working with a group of gaming managers who report to the supervisor. They interview and hire new employees for the gambling area. Because many casinos operate with two or more shifts of workers per day, a gaming supervisor may be on duty for a portion of the workday, ceding his role to a replacement on the following shift. Communication between shift supervisors is important for keeping the facility running seamlessly.


Gaming supervisors have traditionally worked their way up from dealer to floor manager to supervisor. Casinos today may require an associate's or bachelor's degree for their supervisorial personnel, as casinos increasingly become entertainment and lodging centers with a degree of family orientation. In the future people with a degree in hospitality management may find themselves working as a gaming supervisor as one of many options in a hotel/casino facility.


There were 34,000 gaming supervisors employed in 2006, according to Department of Labor data. Many facilities employ more than one gaming supervisor, especially in Las Vegas and similar gambling resort areas where the casinos operate around the clock.

Job Outlook

The profession is expected to grow much faster than projected overall growth for jobs, as more states legalize gambling in some form and Indian tribes continue to open gambling facilities on tribal lands.


10th Percentile $27,960

Median Salary $45,500

90th Percentile $67,060

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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