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Hotel Lodging Manager

Career Overview: Hotel Lodging Manager

This job classification can cover any kind of accommodation, from a hostel to a dusty beach motel to a hotel that handles conventions. The lodging manager is generally responsible for making sure that guests have a comfortable stay. When the inevitable problems arise, the lodging manager handles them or has a staff specifically trained to handle them.

The larger facilities have a general manager on duty that handles operations. Depending on the size of the facility, the lodging manager may be responsible for housekeeping, catering, marketing and sales, and overall guest service. Hospitality management is another term that is often used in reference to this profession.

Required Education

For the larger hotels and facilities like casinos, a job applicant for management should have a bachelors or masters degree in hospitality management and preferably some experience as well. For smaller establishments, experience in facilities management is often a substitute for a degree.


There were 71,000 lodging managers in 2007, the great majority of whom operated their own businesses such as a bed and breakfast or a small inn. Companies that own hotel chains employ multiple lodging managers to oversee their various properties.

Job Outlook

The Department of Labor sees a steady growth in travel, which in turn will mean more lodging establishments and more opportunities for lodging management candidates. Long hours and stressful conditions also lead to substantial departures from the industry prior to retirement age.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $12.92  $26,880
Median Salary  $21.27  $44,240
Highest 10%  $40.02  $83,240

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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