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GUI Programmer

Career Overview

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) programmer takes content development to a high level. The job requires developing business applications using a number of visual components, many of which may be developed in-house. The traffic flow as directed by features on each page is the primary concern of the GUI programmer. This professional is charged with making the images and copy on each page in a website take the visitor in the right direction.


A bachelor's degree in computer science or in programming may be required, along with experience. Knowledge of programming languages that are used in GUI work are necessary; these may include C++; JavaScript; and interface tools such as XMotif.


GUI programmers work for internet service companies that develop websites, for companies that need large websites for sales or communication purposes, and also for many government agencies that have heavy website use for conducting business. The number of jobs in this specialty is not enormous but is growing as use of the internet becomes more specialized on many websites.

Job Outlook

GUI programmer jobs are growing at a brisk annual rate and will continue to do so. At some point, businesses that outsource their website work will bring it in house, causing the number of website development jobs to climb even more rapidly.


25th Percentile $55,631

Median Salary $61,398

75th Percentile $67,364


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