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Java Developer

Career Overview

A Java developer designs and implements Java applications that perform requested business applications. A Java programmer conceives of the application function, writes the code for it and then corrects bugs in the finished product. Java developers work with content managers and/or webmasters in order to integrate the Java applications into the website.


A bachelor's degree is usually necessary for this job today, although experience is highly valued. A thorough knowledge of JavaScript and of the programs used to integrate Java applications into website platforms is also necessary; certification in a Java program is a worthwhile addition to the resume.


It is difficult to put a hard count to the number of Java developers working today; there is no formal data on the question and programmers tend to stay out of sight as a rule anyway. However Java has taken its place as one of the preeminent programming languages for enterprise websites, for games, for GUI functions and generally for Web 2.0 multimedia usage.

Job Outlook

Java is still a popular language that can accomplish many things on a website without burning a lot of bandwidth. While there are competing languages today, Java seems to have secured a place as a versatile application platform that continues to evolve and for which new uses continue to be found. Java programmers who know their area of expertise thoroughly should find job opportunities in businesses and service companies


25th Percentile $65,178

Median Salary $79,458

75th Percentile $88,320


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