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Multimedia Artist/Animator

Career Overview

Multi-media artists and animators work bring the internet to life through the development of moving pictures.  Most multimedia artists active in the world of videogames, the internet or computer interfaces work with computers to develop their art.  Some draw storyboards prior to producing a multimedia piece, going through the concept with the project director or web designer.

Some multimedia artists need the assistance of a programmer to set their images in motion.  This is particularly true in game development, where image movement grows more sophisticated by the year.  For internet projects, multimedia artists must work within broadband limitations; usually they are guided by the web designer's overall concept.


Many schools now offer multiple courses and even degrees in multimedia arts.  The game industry in particular has driven interest in this field.  Some multimedia artists obtain a bachelors degree prior to entering the field.  Others opt for an associates degree that supplies training in the use of multimedia software.  Experience and familiarity with specialized software is important in this field.

Current Employment

There were 87,000 multimedia artists and animators working in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  This job classification surpasses all others in the visual arts.

Job Outlook

Employment for multimedia artists and animators is expected to grow faster than the overall average for all job classifications.  As websites utilize moving images more and more, and as video games become more realistic and sophisticated, multimedia artists should find job opportunities plentiful

Salary Range

Lowest 10% $14.72 $30,620

Median Salary $26.23 $54,550

Highest 10% $47.14 $98,050

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