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Web Content Specialist

Career Overview

A web content specialist assists in assembling content components for a web site. Generally the job involves integrating copy with images, with the goal of producing a final layout acceptable to management, the online sales staff and other stakeholders. The content specialist works to guidelines that are established for format and overall design.


Most content specialists coming into the field today hold a bachelor's degree. The position is entry level usually, providing an opportunity for experience leading in the direction of web content manager or site designer.  Knowledge of HTML, DHTML and JavaScript is usually necessary.


Content specialists are employed by retailers with an online sales department, by businesses that want to add fresh content on a continual basis and by service agencies that design and operate websites for clients. There are thousands of these service firms, and additional tens of thousands of retail sites that have functioning web sales sites. In smaller businesses often the owner or a lieutenant manages web content for the site.

Job Outlook

The growth of web-based business outlets and sales is growing at a remarkably steep rate. It will continue as web pages have become a necessity for virtually all businesses and a valuable sales tool for retail outlets. Content specialists are required for websites of any size; they also work in increasing numbers for service firms that manage websites for businesses and retail outlets that prefer to outsource their digital presence. The job prospects for web content specialists are excellent.


25th Percentile $43,601

Median Salary $47,269

75th Percentile $61,253

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