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Web Editorial Assistant

Career Overview

The web editorial assistant's job is to collect timely information or news, edit it to fit the website context and publish it. Websites that feature news updates or daily blogs might fall under the editorial assistant's purview. Copy submitted by website writers is checked for errors and grammar as well as for facts if the editor requests it.


This position is generally an entry-level Internet job requiring a bachelor's degree. However a person with an associate's degree in English or journalism and some editorial assistance may qualify as well. In order to move up in website development however, a bachelor's degree will eventually be necessary.


The amount of copy streaming onto the internet is astonishing. With the advent of blogs, online opinion has taken its place alongside online journalism, if not supplanted it. Blog sites that accept multiple postings often have an editorial assistant, as do commercial sites with constantly changing product information. There are thousands of editorial assistants and other entry level website service personnel working today.

Job Outlook

As with many positions relating to website development and maintenance, the web editorial assistant role should see good job development in the near term. The market for website employees of all sorts is far from saturated.


25th Percentile $32,233

Median Salary $38,246

75th Percentile $42,693

Source: Salary.com

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