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Web Promotions Specialist

Career Overview

A web promotions specialist organizes promotional campaigns utilizing the business home pages, emails, online banners, SEO content, viral marketing and the social websites. Online promotions work best in their own milieu, although cross promotions with radio and television exposure are often used as well. Broadcast ads are expensive, and the Internet options are often just as effective.


A bachelor's degree in marketing or business administration is desirable, but experience with online promotions is essential. The evolving use of viral marketing and the always-changing SEO guidelines must be thoroughly in the grasp of a web promotions specialist. Online advertising is also an option, if the correct sites can be targeted.


Web promotions specialists are about as common as web marketing managers in firms with over 100 employees. In smaller firms often the marketing manager handles promotions as well. But web commerce is no longer a passive entity; businesses continue to expand their efforts to make their websites known, both as commercial sites and as part of the brand. Marketing promotions directors have had a lot to do with this emergence of Internet identity.

Job Outlook

Job prospects for web promotions specialists are excellent. Any good promotions manager who can force an uptick in sales is looked upon as someone with a masterful bag of tricks. That has been true in the bricks-and-mortar era of sales promotion and the same is true today, where viral campaigns come out of nowhere and the right insertion into a Twitter conga line can lead to enormous exposure.


25th Percentile $38,947

Median Salary $47,159

75th Percentile $66,870

Source: Salary.com

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