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Web Software Developer

Career Overview

A web software developer designs and develops software to be used on websites. More often than not this means utilizing an existing program and adapting it to function within a specific website's structure. Web software developers have a thorough knowledge of popular CRM programs and retail sales platforms that are used on commercial websites. Software developers work with website engineers, webmasters and product management staff to reach an end product that works for everyone.


Most software developers have a bachelor's degree in applications engineering, computer science or systems analysis. A web software developer usually needs a similar degree for consideration. However since adapting software for website applications is a little different than writing a new program from scratch, sometimes software programmers with experience but no four year degree may qualify. Familiarity with widely used languages such as C++, SQL, CGI and Java is essential.


Web software development is something of a specialty. It is not as common a profession as website management, product management or Internet technical specialties. Most programmers work for software manufacturers or computer service companies. The pool of web software developers is small but growing.

Job Outlook

Jobs in this profession should continue to multiply, given the growth of website use on the Internet and the growing complexity of these Web2.0 sites. The opportunities for developers who can create site-specific programming should increase rapidly, as well as for software developers working on applications meant to function on commercial or enterprise web sites in general.


25th Percentile $59,326

Median Salary $70,841

75th Percentile $82,023

Source: Salary.com

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