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Web Technical Producer

Career Overview

The technical producer acts as a liaison between a website's IT team and the employees responsible for creative content. The technical producer develops the technical requirements for the site and tests the user interface. New website products and features are also tested by the producer to ascertain the quality of function.


A web technical producer has a limited, but important role in the development and maintenance of a website. A bachelor's degree may be required or supplanted with experience. What is critical for a web technical producer is working knowldge of languages in the field such as HTML, SQL and Java. It is also important to have a good understanding of the structure and functionality of the Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms.


There are tens of thousands of web technicians functioning at this level, either for companies with proprietary websites or for service businesses that operate websites for clients. The growth of websites as business necessities continues to drive the Internet job market.

Job Outlook

Web technical producers will be needed on an ongoing basis and in increasing numbers. It is an excellent entry level position for someone with experience in Internet programming who would like to move into the business structure of a company with significant web presence.


25th Percentile $42,878

Median Salary $52,307

75th Percentile $61,294

Source: Salary.com

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