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Career Outlook

A web copy editor works with writers, sales staff, promotions and other contributing departments to be sure that a business web site has continuity and clarity. The copy editor may supply copy to round out visual presentations on pages or may ask a writer to complete required copy for a section of the website. Web copy editors may also contribute to the site design by developing a blog or newsletter section in order to add contemporary copy.


Most copy editors have a bachelor's degree in journalism, English or communications. Experience is always helpful, as copy editors for websites are often copy authors as well. Some knowledge of working with HTML and web layouts is also of great value.


The employment figures for editors available from the Department of Labor cite 122,000 jobs in the field in 2006. The information business is undergoing a tumultuous change, with newspapers dying and websites multiplying like mosquitos. Large retail web sites are demanding more and more copy, so the work for copy editors in the Internet sector is growing daily.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for online copy editors is excellent. Websites for retail establishments of every size have gone from a technological option to a necessity. Publications are converting to online formats in order to survive. Copy editors will continue to be necessary for Internet development; the issue is going to be what level of experience employers are going to require.


25th Percentile $45,796

Median Salary $53,376

75th Percentile $69,600


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