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Career Outlook

A section editor for a website is generally working for a large, heavily trafficked site that is topical in nature. The section editor assigns certain sections on the site to specific writers. The editor facilitates and monitors discussion forums on the website and works closely with chat technology firms. This is one Internet profession that may draw a large number of journalism professionals as newspapers and magazines continue to fold.


This position requires a bachelor's degree and in some situations, an employer may want to see a graduate degree as well as some experience in the field or in a similar role.


This is a senior position that is only found in certain types of websites, so while the position is critical to success for many websites, there aren't that many of them who have adopted this commercial model. It is also true, however, that for every fifty sites we see like this there are ten others that are startups or still operating beneath the radar. There are thousands of individuals filling this role, although some websites may contain but a single section at this point.

Job Outlook

Blogs and forums are the anchors of many successful websites today that are advertiser driven. New attempts at the business and some ambitious efforts to create national sites with local subsections continue to appear. An experienced assignment editor who is accustomed to monitoring forums wll have no problem finding opportunities in this field, although they may require relocating.


25th Percentile $82,909

Median Salary $89,965

75th Percentile $112,284


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