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Emergency Crisis Manager

Career Overview

Emergency management personnel coordinate disaster response activities by the many agencies that become involved. Crisis management is a necessity in the aftermath of hurricanes or other massive storms, earthquakes, or large scale accidents such as train crashes, major hazardous material spills, or large scale fires that destroy homes and buildings.

Emergency managers are charged with developing plans for managing various types of disasters. They must have a communications plan in place that anticipates power outage, transportation plans for numerous injuries and overall coordination plans with the agencies responsible for fires, law enforcement, transportation, public works facilities and roads.


A bachelors degree in emergency management or a related field is usually necessary for the position of emergency management director. Experience in a related field is also necessary for the executive positions. Traditionally, emergency management directors came up through the ranks of an affiliated profession such as fire fighting, or from the ranks of retired military personnel.

Current Employment

The Department of Labor estimated in 2006 that 12,000 emergency managers were working in the U.S. Many large cities have an office of emergency preparedness, FEMA has emergency managers with many specialties and the Red Cross also maintains an emergency management staff, although these positions aren't necessarily looked upon as emergency management directors.

Job Outlook

Emergency management positions will grow at the same rate of overall job growth over the next five years.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $79,970
Median Salary  $103,700
Highest 10%  $128,400

Source: Salary.com

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