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Federal Protective Service Officer

Career Overview

The FPS is an Office within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Federal Protective Service officers are responsible for physical security operations and protection at 9,000 federal government facilities across the country. Federal Protective Service officers operate and monitor alarm systems, x-rays, magnetometers and entry control systems at these facilities and maintain some level of protection for them 24 hours a day.


FPS security officers are generally armed and have full police powers at their work site. For job applicants, that will either require training after being hired, or training that can be put on the resume when applying. There are associates degrees in criminal justice with an emphasis on law enforcement. Investigators who work directly for the FPS usually have a bachelors degree in criminal science or a related field.

Current Employment

There are currently 15,000 armed security guards working for the Federal Protective Service. Most of their uniformed security personnel are provided by contracting private firms. There are also 2,000 investigative and enforcement personnel work directly for the FPS.

Job Outlook

Domestic security for federal offices and criminal investigation related to customs and immigration are going to continue to be vital services. The law enforcement positions filled by the FPS are a higher grade than security officer; education and above all investigative experience is valuable for applicants to these positions.

Salary Range

Officers enter at GS-4 Ranking:  $27,142 - $35,364 Annually
Investigators enter at GS-7 Ranking  $34,346 - $43,939 Annually

Source: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

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