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Gaming Security Officer

Career Overview

Gaming security officers are also known as gaming investigators or surveillance officers. Their primary job is to monitor activities on the casino floor in order to thwart cheating or theft. They monitor remote audio and video equipment from a surveillance room. There are catwalks above some casino ceilings with one way mirrors beneath them for additional surveillance. Gaming security personnel also maintain a presence on the casino floors.

Gaming security officers are also responsible for logging and maintaining video and audio tapes or disks that record floor activities, as they may be used in court proceedings.


Security is an essential part of the gaming business. People interested in entering the field will be assisted by an associates degree or certification in the field of private security. Course on surveillance will be helpful on a resume for a gaming security applicant. Those wishing to advance to the management level should consider courses in security management.

Current Employment

According to the U.S. Labor Department there were over 9,000 gaming security officers working in 2006. Since that time gaming has expanded in several states. Many security officers are law enforcement personnel working second jobs, although that is not so often the case with gaming security officers.

Job Overview

Growth in the gaming security field is expected to be extremely rapid, although the labor pool is currently small. More states are allowing gambling establishments, and those of those that already allow gambling many are allowing expansion.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $9.22  $19,170
Median Salary  $13.19  $27,440
Highest 10%  $22.30  $46,370

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