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IRS Revenue Agent

Career Outlook

The IRS has Tax Examiners and Revenue Agents who are designated to examine tax returns. Revenue agents specialize in tax-related accounting work; auditing complicated returns for accuracy .A case load for an IRS Revenue Agent might include income, sales and excise tax returns for businesses and large corporations for whom there is a complicated array of tax deductions to be interpreted.

Many experienced revenue agents specialize; they may focus on import businesses or multinationals. So many tax returns are delivered in electronic form today that revenue agents are increasingly using computers to analyze data and identify trends that help pinpoint tax offenders.

Some revenue agents also specialize in assisting in criminal investigations, auditing the books of known or suspected criminals such as drug dealers or money launderers. Others become international agents, assessing taxes on companies with subsidiaries abroad.


IRS Revenue Agents must hold a bachelors degree in accounting, business administration or economics. Some combination of education and full time experience can occasionally be substituted for a four year degree.

Current Employment

In 2006 there were 81,000 tax collectors, auditors and revenue agents working at all levels of government. About fifteen thousand of those were IRS Revenue Agents working in one role or another.

Job Outlook

Jobs for IRS Revenue Agents and Tax Collectors is expected to be no more than 2% over the upcoming decade; however the agency expects a large number of retirements and is actively recruiting today.

Salary Range

Entry level pay for an IRS Revenue Agent is GS-5, GS - 7 or GS - 9 depending upon experience and education. A GS - 5 is currently paid $36,500 annually.

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