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Loss Prevention Specialist

Career Overview

Loss prevention specialists who work for retail stores have also been called "store detectives." Their job is to oversee the safety of store inventory and apprehend anyone who is shoplifting, stealing or committing vandalism. By their presence and activities they prevent theft by customers, vendors, or employees.

Loss prevention personnel also conduct inspections on a periodic basis of store restrooms, inventory storage areas and fitting rooms. Some stores require that a loss prevention agent be present when the store is opened or closed for the day. Loss prevention personnel also keep logs of their activities and provide periodic reports to management.


There is no educational threshold for loss prevention agents. Job applicants with course hours in criminal justice or who have studied the skills required for investigative jobs will have an advantage. A bachelors degree could lead to a management opportunity in the field.

Current Employment

There are several thousand loss prevention specialists working in large retail establishments across the country. There are also loss prevention experts employed at the corporate level who is involved in managing efforts at the retail level and helping to plan store designs that minimize losses.

Job Outlook

Loss prevention specialist jobs will increase as smaller retail establishments give way to big box stores and large chains. Loss prevention may also become a function in the human resources division of large companies, as theft from employees increases.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $19,521
Median Salary  $33,400
Highest 10%  $55,057

Source: Salary.com

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