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NSA Police Investigator

Career Overview

The National Security Agency (NSA) maintains a police force on its complexes in and around Fort Meade, Maryland. The NSA handle standard police chores including traffic and pedestrian control, response to any police or fire related incidents, vehicle and possession inspections, and security and patrol functions around the NSA properties.

NSA investigators are assigned cases that are part of the intelligence gathering process the NSA is charged with. Investigators go through a 12 week course on proper interrogation techniques; the job involves asking a lot of questions. They are also trained how to write a precise and thorough report on their activities. NSA investigators are the Agency's eyes and ears on the domestic front.


Education requirements for NSA police are an associates degree in criminal justice or a related field. Military experience or relevant law enforcement experience may offset some of the educational requirement.

Applicants for investigator must have a bachelors degree in a liberal arts field from an accredited college or university. No experience is necessary; NSA investigators are trained in interrogative techniques and how to spot counterintelligence indicators.

Current Employment

Accurate figures are difficult to obtain regarding this agency's employees. One source has the police ranks at about 600 officers and investigators numbering about 2,500

Job Outlook

The NSA police force is constantly recruiting for officers and often offers bonuses. Applying for an NSA investigator's job is a long and secretive affair that involves deep background checks, a polygraph test, and usually a long wait.

Salary Range

NSA Police Officers enter service at $36,500 annually
NSA Investigators service enter at $47,265 annually

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