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FBI Accountant

Career Overview

An FBI accountant working in-house provides professional support for agents in the field and for the office. FBI accountants perform general accounting work such as auditing, analyzing and verifying fiscal records for office use; preparing financial and statistical reports regarding a number of fiscal areas relevant to the office, the Bureau's budget and to field operations as well.

Many FBI Special Agents are also hired to specialize in accounting. These individuals help decipher financial records (and deceptions) of individuals they are investigating.


FBI accountant applicants need a bachelors degree in accounting or in a related field such as business or economics. A significant number of course hours in accounting is required. Applicants for this position can also qualify with a combination of both experience and education; however a bachelors degree of some sort is still required.

Current Employment

The FBI employs about 14,000 special agents and another 17,000 in support staff. Some in each category function as accountants.

Job Outlook

Many special agents work primarily in accounting, providing the financial analysis needed in so many criminal cases that the Bureau investigates. The number of accounting specialists that the Bureau hires is perhaps 20% of the 2,000 agents it hires annually. In addition, there are administrative accountants that are assigned office roles.

Salary Range

FBI agents/accountants enter service as GS-10: base salary of $48,159, which becomes $60,199 a year with "availability pay," an overtime role.

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