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Forensic Science Technician

Career Overview

A forensic science technician is someone who has studied the use of scientific analysis as it can be applied to clearing up legal or criminal issues. Forensic science technicians gather evidence at a crime scene and analyze it, often in a laboratory setting. The techniques of gathering evidence and the scientific skill involved in examining it are two disparate sets of abilities that are required for a forensic science technician to complete his or her work.


Forensic science technicians have a number of academic routes. Some begin with a two year associates degree educational program that stresses the sciences behind forensic science. A number of schools are now offering bachelors degrees in forensic science; some people break into the field with degrees in biology or chemistry as well.

Many forensic science technicians at entry level spend some time learning from the more experienced forensics professionals that work in the same environment. Most bachelor programs in forensic science include lab training in the curriculum.

Current Employment

The U.S. Department of Labor calculates that 13,000 forensic science technicians were working in the United States in 2006. That figure may overlook any number of investigative personnel in various government agencies that are experienced in gathering evidence and have developed skills on the job for examining it.

Job Outlook

Forensic science technicians are going to be in demand over the next five years, according to the Department of Labor. The position will expand as more technology is brought to bear on crime investigation and evidence analysis.

Salary Range

Lowest 10%  $14.03  $29,170
Median Salary  $22.92  $47,680
Highest 10%  $36.75  $76,440

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