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Legal Nurse Consultant

Career Overview

A legal nurse consultant is an RN who works with law firms that handle personal injury cases involving physical injury to their clients. Nurses who are familiar with medical forensics - that is, gathering evidence from the patient and analyzing it - have found career opportunities working with attorneys to shore up the medical aspects of their cases.

Legal nurse consulting is also called forensic nursing. Forensic nurses, however, got their start working with sexual assault victims and domestic violence victims in Emergency Rooms. These pioneers in the field learned what was required for evidence in criminal assaults and made sure that every effort was made to collect that evidence.

Today legal nurse consultants will collect records on cases where legal clients have suffered injury, prepare an analysis of the incident and often brief the attorney on medical details before the case goes to court.


Legal nurse consultants are RNs who have chosen to work in consulting careers that are often far more lucrative than nursing. Legal nurse consulatants maintain their active nursing license in order to maintain credibility when called as an expert witness.

Current Employment

There are a few thousand RNs working full time as legal nurse consultants. A few thousand others work in the field part time and maintain nursing jobs as well.

Job Outlook

Personal injury and product liability lawyers are always in search of details to sharpen their grievance claim; legal nurse consultants can provide those sorts of details. Established law firms working in personal injury are using medical consultants increasingly.

Salary Range

Legal nurse consultants can earn $100 - $150 hourly. cites an annual salary figure of $80,000.

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