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Broadcast Technician

Broadcast Technician

Broadcast and sound engineering technicians handle the staging, operation and maintenance of the audio and video equipment used in any
radio or television broadcast, concert, movie musical recording, or any other presentation that is being recorded or broadcast live. They are responsible for getting the color and clarity right for the video portion of the broadcast and for microphone placement on the set to ensure quality audio. Technicians who are working as producers or directors on a production control the selection of cameras, moving from angle to angle as the production dictates and asking camera operators for pans, closeups, etc.

Sound engineering technicians operate machines and equipment to record, or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects in recording. For live radio feeds these technicians function as on-site producers, cutting back to the studio for commercial breaks, cueing on-air activities and generally managing both the quality of the audio and the activities that are being recorded.
studios, sporting arenas, theater productions, or movie and video productions.


Individuals who want to develop the skills for this profession need to learn about the equipment used to produce video and audio shows. That includes not only cameras and microphones, it also means understanding how to operate a production board in a remote broadcast truck or a studio. There are vocational schools, technical schools, community colleges and private universities that offer training in this field. Depending on the depth of your academic interest, traininc can take from several months to the full two years required for an associates' degree. Employers today feel that experience is very important, so a program with internship possibilities is a good idea.


Broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators held about 105,000 jobs in 2006.


The growing field of broadcast and cablecast networks that produce original programming will ensure that job growth in the field maintains a rapid pace.


Lowest 10% $17,510.00

Median Salary $32,900.00

Highest 10% $66,550.00

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

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