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4 Steps To Securing Permanent Work

Temp To Perm: A Winning Career Solution!

Experts are calling the current job market the worst we've seen in a generation. I call it a huge opportunity.

Not everyone who is looking for work will see it that way and you may not either, but if you rethink some of your long held beliefs regarding employment, then a door to new opportunities could swing wide open to you in the form of a temporary position.

Temporary employment (or temp work) hasn't always received the respect that it should from employers and employees alike. But, temporary work can lead to permanent employment, which is where the phrase "temp to perm" comes from.

4 Steps To Securing Permanent Work Through A Temporary Assignment

If you want to make a temporary assignment permanent, there are four things you must keep in mind:

Act Like You're There Permanently - Many temp workers act as if their position will go away at any moment. And for good reason too - they may have developed a poor attitude or are working below their capabilities. The saying, "you are what you think" holds true: if want to impress people on the job your passion must shine through. The work that you do should be above reproach, showing attention to detail, completed on time.

Dress For Success - Companies will sometimes relax their dress codes for workers, but that doesn't mean that you should. Wear your best suit or dress on the first day and gauge how other workers are attired. If you want to be treated like a professional then dress like one, choosing a more relaxed attire only if senior management walks around in tee shirts and shorts.

Work Like You Mean It - Temp workers typically have set tasks, with the lightest load assigned. Clearly, the expectancy level isn't that high, but you can show them otherwise. Ask the person you report to for additional work, especially if you find that assignments are completed well before your work day ends. Use this time to brush up on your skills as well as to take on new responsibilities. If seminars or training classes are available to temporary and permanent employees alike, then take advantage of these opportunities too. Your updated resume will reflect the temp assignment, your newly acquired skills, and whatever training was completed.

Show And Tell - Unlike permanent employees who are hired after an extensive interviewing process and where their capabilities are only fully known once they've started work, temp workers skills are assessed right on the job. If you can't get the work done, you'll be sent back to the agency. If you do your job satisfactorily you'll be kept on, but if you provide superior work, then you may be offered a permanent position.

These days, it's all about setting yourself apart from the pack. A temp position may not be the ideal, but it can lead to something permanent especially when the economy starts to pick up and companies want to retain and adequately compensate their best people.

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