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Start Career Networking ASAP

Even if you've just begun your degree work or career training program, it's a good idea to begin networking immediately. That's because many of the jobs in the country that truly fit your specific qualifications are never advertised. Good positions are snapped up immediately by friends and colleagues of current employees.

Networking means that everyone you meet--at school, at the gym, at church, or at family reunions--are immediate resources. Let them know what you're doing and where you're headed in your career.

The bottom line to networking lies in building lasting relationships. Don't burn bridges by being overbearing or obnoxious about your aspirations. In the online arena, networking websites abound and you'll find many that focus directly on your trade. There are many career networking sites that can boost your chances. Join up, hook up, and prosper. But avoid spamming.

Here are three places to start:

Linked In
Linked In is home to 25 million users who attach themselves to strings of professional and personal contacts. You can reunite with old associates or find new ones. The idea is to add people to your network and link to others with similar skills or career groups.

If you're entering the writing, design, broadcast, and publishing fields, this site offers online and offline mingling, job boards, career tips, and a freelance marketplace to hawk your skills.

You probably already know this one. With more than 75 million profiles on the site, you're sure to connect with people who share your professional interests.

Search for former colleagues among 2.3 million companies and more than 2 million members. Or connect with former or current students at over 34,000 colleges. If you're trying to network with friends or colleagues from the military, there are more than a million members.

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