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Top Paying Jobs, 25 Fastest Growing Jobs & Careers

As a New Year's feature lot of news organizations and employment oriented web sites assembled their "hot job" lists for the coming years. There are similar categories of jobs and lots of difference in the job options selected. Criteria were often different; US News and World Report "looked at things like jobs that had the best outlook in an economy in crisis, as well as job satisfaction, the least difficult training needed, jobs with prestige and jobs with the highest pay."

Others placed heavy emphasis on the U.S. Department of Labor's outlook - an excellent source, but one where you can get lost in the statistics. It's important to know that 600,000 jobs disappeared in January of 2009, but it's also important to factor in what job classifications suffered significant losses.

Their mean salary ranges also can be misleading because there is such significant variation among states, Northeast and West Coast versus the rest of the country, urban versus rural, etc. Part of your consideration on career choice may be dictated by where it is you live or would like to live.

We developed our list and our criteria by focusing on "the art of the possible." Most people looking online at educational options are looking to change careers. Most of those have families, homes, car loans and any number of obligations that dictate both required earning power and the time available for completing the next-career job training. Most important, there must be a pool of jobs out there to apply for.

We tried to balance job growth projections against training requirements to come up with a quotient that reflects both desirable and achievable. The list below takes into account both the projected fastest growing jobs and the jobs expected to increase the most in sheer numbers.

1. Preschool Teacher
2. Licensed Vocational Nurse
3. Dental Hygienist
4. Paralegal
5. Registered Nurse/Physicians Assistant
6. Elementary School Teachers
7. Automotive Technician/Mechanic
8. Nurses Aid
9. Physical Therapist
10. Computer Systems Analyst
11. Accountant/Auditor
12. Legal Secretary/Legal Office Manager
13. Correctional Officer
14. Computer Forensics
15. Substance Abuse Counselors
16. Federal Law Enforcement: FBI, CIA, Immigration
17. Forensics Laboratory Technician
18. Computer Support Specialists
19. IT Managers
20. Health Services Manager
21. Management Analyst
22. Business Operations Manager
23. Cardiovascular Technician
24. Hospitality Management: Hotels, Gaming
25. Food Preparation Management

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