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Criminal Justice Associate's Degrees

We depend on people in all arms of the justice and law enforcement fields to keep us safe in our towns and neighborhoods. If you’re interested in helping protect people and uphold the law, you should consider a Criminal Justice Associate’s degree to help you achieve your career goal. An associate’s degree in this field would allow you to a wide variety of careers that people rarely associate with law enforcement like park of county police, juvenile justice, crime labs, security companies and more. Although there are plenty of traditional college programs for earning this degree, it is also possible to receive your education online through programs from Sam Houston State University, Westfield State University, Kaplan University and many other schools.

If you are interested in monitoring large areas to spot potential criminal activity; pursuing, restraining and containing a suspect; or assisting officers with cases involving narcotics, alcohol, food or pharmaceuticals, then an associate degree program in criminal justice might be right for you. It is possible to research education requirements for specific criminal justice field careers at our criminal justice career center page.

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