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Journalism Associate's Degrees

An associate’s degree in journalism will provide you with the skills you need to obtain an entry-level position in this field. Online degree programs will likely focus on the areas of the editing process, writing for a variety of media outlets, reporting skills, and ethical issues. An associate’s degree in journalism can typically be completed on a part-time basis to allow the student to continue working while pursing the degree. Kaplan University Online also offers an associate’s degree in communications that allows the student to focus specifically in the area of journalism.

An associate’s degree in journalism is right for you if you are seeking to start a writing or editing career and want to have a solid education in the entry-level skills that are necessary to gain employment. Research the education requirements for specific journalism field careers at our journalism career center page.

Thanks to the thirst for information in this digital age, students with journalism skills are in demand.  Many who graduate with an associate’s degree in this field will opt to become freelance writers to give them the freedom to work on a variety of assignments rather than work for a single employer.  Salaries in this field vary widely, depending on the level of experience of the writer/editor.

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