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Massage Therapy Associate's Degrees

As the profession of massage therapy has gained in popularity over the past decade or so, massage therapy schools associate programs are similarly gaining in popularity. Most states have laws against practicing massage therapy professionally without being certified. There are many levels of certification, of which an associate degree is one. There are a great many school throughout the country that provide courses in massage therapy and naturopathic healing. The schools really run the gamut, from small massage therapy schools with one teacher to massage therapy departments in universities. It's important if you have decided to go into the field of massage therapy to pick a school and curriculum that is right for you.

Most massage therapy schools associate programs offer a wide array of different massage techniques from around the world, many originated from the East, such as China and India. Typically, students get hands-on practice both in the classroom and outside the classroom to gain the practical skills that you'll need to provide healing massages to future clients. Most schools come equipped with massage tables, lotion and instructional material. Professors typically have on-the-ground experience and can offer relevant information for aspirants.

Massage therapy schools associate programs will also provide business-related courses that will allow you to set out on your own at the completion of an 18-month course and succeed whether you want to start your own business, work at a hospital or doctor's office or even become a massage teacher.

Massage Therapy Schools