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Mechanic Associate's Degrees

If you have always been one to take things apart to see how they work (and able to put them back together again), then a mechanic schools associate degree just might be for you. There are many schools throughout the Unites States that offer courses and full degree programs in auto, motorcycle, aviation and marine mechanics. In many cases, these programs can be accomplished online. But given the hands-on nature of being a mechanic, most schools have a classroom mechanics shop that is used to give lessons and instructions.

Many institutions that offer mechanic schools associate degrees have different focuses within auto, motorcycle, aircraft and marine mechanics. For instance, if you are interested in auto mechanics, some of the courses you can take are: automotive diesel technology, NASCAR technician training, automotive technology, collision repair and refinishing technology. The shops at most mechanic schools are extremely high tech and provide students with the cutting-edge equipment and tools to ensure they are ahead of the curve and not learning outdated technology and information.

Studies have shown that those with a mechanic schools associate degree make a great deal more money than someone without one who is working as a mechanic or works in some capacity in a mechanic shop environment. Some figures point to a 50 percent increase in earning power. That increase makes education worth every penny.

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