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Social Science Associate's Degrees

One of the broadest categories of study is social sciences. That's why a social science degrees associate program is a good idea for someone who isn't quite sure what they want to do for his or her entire professional life. Nearly every higher education institution offers courses in the social sciences and the ability to obtain a degree if all of the necessary course work has been completed. Some institutions that offer this program are University of Oregon and University of Florida, but there are thousands of universities around the country where you can earn a social science degrees associate.

Here are some examples of the various focuses that you can pursue when engaged in a social science degrees associate program: anthropology, sociology, psychology, archeology, criminology, and the list goes on and on. These are two-year programs typically and involve about 60 credits of coursework. Many people prefer to complete an associate's degree through an online course. That's because many people live busy lives with kids to take care of, other jobs that must be done to make money for food and rent and elderly parents to look after.

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