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Theology & Religion Associate's Degrees

Choosing religion as a career takes the same type of hard work and dedication that it takes for other areas of study. Obtaining a theology & religion degrees associate ensures that you have the fundamental knowledge of religion, as well as supporting courses in topics ranging from languages to business practices. All of this is useful to go on to a career as a rabbi, priest, or professor, as the case may be. Several schools offer online Associate’s degree courses, which make the process of studying a more convenient process than ever. Some of the class materials covered includes philosophy, history of world religions, and biblical studies, for example. Schools that offer this type of program include Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and other online institutions.

Many graduates that have deepened their knowledge and skills with a theology & religion degrees associate go on to work within churches. Others use this degree as a basis for moving forward with their studies and obtaining a higher education degree in a related field such as ethics or law. Having this firm understanding of world religion can serve as a powerful jumping off point for a career.

While the expected salary can vary depending on the exact degree level and what type of work is obtained post-graduation, the average rates for those who end up with a theology & religion degrees associate is somewhere in between $31,000-$57,000.

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