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Fitness & Exercise Bachelor's Degrees

Have you been working in the health and fitness industry for some time, and are frustrated that you are always turned down for promotions and advancements because you don’t have formal training in the field? Earning your bachelor degree in fitness & exercise is a great way to get the training that you need to demonstrate to employers that you are capable of handling more responsibility, and taking on a more prominent role in the gym or health club. Those that might be interested in pursuing a bachelor degree in fitness & exercise should know that many programs are available, including those at schools like Capella University and Howard University.

It’s important to know that the training you’ll receive in this type of program will allow you to develop the skills you need to succeed in the health and wellness industry. A typical four year program will teach you about legal issues in health care management, business administration, trends in public health, health terminology and more. If you’d like to research the educational requirements for such a degree, you can visit our fitness & exercise career center page.

Those that are able to achieve this level of education are likely to enjoy better responsibilities at more prominent organizations, as well as up to thirty-four percent more a year in their salary. Don’t sell yourself short by neglecting your education!

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