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Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies will generally provide a well balanced course of study that includes elements from a variety of subjects. A bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies will often allow the student some degree of flexibility when it comes to determining the courses that will make-up the concentration of the program. Skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and communication are likely to be emphasized in this type of programs. Walden University allows students to develop more personalized programs to earn a degree in interdisciplinary studies that incorporates the key themes of social responsibility, global awareness, civic engagement, and information fluency. Keiser University eCampus Online also offers bachelor’s degrees in this area to help students develop the basic skills needed to succeed in the workforce without specializing in a specific field.

A bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies is right for you if you are uncertain of the exact course that your career is going take, but want to earn a broad based degree. Research the education requirements for specific interdisciplinary studies careers at our interdisciplinary studies career center page.

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