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Law & Justice Bachelor's Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in law and justice may take the form of majors in criminal justice, law enforcement, or security and corrections. The curriculum for these programs usually focuses on the theoretical and practical information about the issues surrounding the legal system, with courses covering topics such as criminal procedures, criminal law, legal research, and social justice. As an example, Canyon College allows students to earn a degree in legal studies, with options to specialize in the areas of business law, general law, or criminal litigation.

A bachelor’s degree program in law and justice might be right for you if you are looking to begin a career in one of the various aspects of the legal system, such as assisting lawyers in preparing documents and research data. Prospective students should have strong analytical thinking and communication skills. Research the education requirements for specific law and justice field careers at our law and justice career center page.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for those in the law and justice fields is expected to increase at a more rapid rate than in other industries. However, there is also projected to be high competition for available positions. A graduate who has earned a bachelor’s degree may be able to find more opportunities than someone with limited post-secondary education credits.

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