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Liberal Arts Bachelor's Degrees

In this down economy with an ever-increasing national jobless rate, many people are opting to ride out the difficult economic times and lack of jobs in a liberal arts & humanities bachelor degree program at a university. Instead of entering the rat race to fight tooth and nail for a mediocre, mundane job that requires no special skills, many people are strapping on their bag packs and returning to school to beef up their qualifications for when the economy turns around and companies throughout the country are hiring in hordes again.

A liberal arts & humanities bachelor degree program can be the best option if you are looking to get a general education and come away with desirable skills in writing, math, science and foreign languages. This approach can be good if you know that you do want to obtain a higher education but aren't exactly sure you know what field will work best for you. It can provide a taste of many different fields of study so you won't have to blindly choose what you will be devoting your life to.

Additionally, studies have shown that those with a liberal arts & humanities bachelor degree have a much higher earning power than those with only a high school diploma or even an associate degree. The time could be right to educate yourself to make more money in the future.

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