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Engineering Certificates

If you’ve been working in the construction or design fields for quite some time now, but are constantly blocked from advancement because you don’t have a formal or advanced education in your area of expertise, you should consider pursuing an advanced certificate in engineering. Although the certificate in engineering doesn’t require all the work or time commitment of a traditional degree program, you will still be able to formalize your skills and make yourself eligible for positions with more responsibility and a better salary range. It is possible to earn this type of education through online programs at Drexel University.

Many people wonder what the point of returning to school is if they’re not going to earn a traditional degree. The truth is that an advanced certificate in this field will allow you to prove to employers that you have the experience necessary to succeed at any job. You’ll improve the potential salary that you can earn, and command more respect amongst your employees. Research the additional educational requirements for this type of program at our engineering career center page.

If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in terms of the level of responsibility that you will be give in your current organization, or the level of jobs that you’re eligible for elsewhere, you should know that investing a short time in your education can have long term payoffs.

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