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Math & Science Certificates

To gain a job in the technical fields of math and science, it is almost always necessary to first complete a math & sciences degree certificate program from an accredited university, whether online or at a traditional campus. This will provide you with a general education of math and science that can help to land an entry-level job. It's advised to take sciences courses in each discipline of science and take math classes to ensure you have a solid math foundation, as that is closely connected to scientific understanding.

A 2004 research study showed that there were 77,000 scientist jobs at that time, and those scientists had a median income of around $68,000. Most scientific jobs require an advanced degree, but there are plenty of jobs that assist scientists or scientific research that does not require a master's or PhD. A math & sciences degree certificate will go a long way to landing you the job in the public or private sectors that you dream of.

Some of the jobs that a successfully completed math & sciences degree certificate program will afford you a job in one of the following fields: payroll, tutoring, chemistry, biology, medical research and more. It's important to decide what you want to specialize in early on so you can make the most out of your education and be fully prepared to meet the expectations of your next employer.

Math & Science Schools

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