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Mechanic Certificates

The exciting and challenging field of mechanics can be perfect for anyone who has made a habit out of taking things apart to see how they work. If you like working with your hands and fixing broken machines, a mechanic schools certificate program at an accredited university just might be the way to jump start your career. It's important to decide what kind of mechanic you would like to be, though: auto mechanic, aviation mechanic, marine mechanic or a motorcycle mechanic. Each different type of mechanic must learn specific skills to meet legal guidelines and must stay up on the current models and technologies used to maintain the different types of vehicles.

If, for instance, an aviation mechanic schools certificate program is what you are interested in earning, there are particular requirements that go along with the courses, such as fully understanding Federation Aviation Administration guidelines. Some examples of courses in a typical aviation mechanic schools certificate program are: introduction to electricity, corrosion control, ignition systems, fuel metering, propellers, aircraft assembly and rigging and atmosphere control.

According to a research study about aviation mechanics' salary, the median annual income is approximately $47,000. On the lowest range, an airplane mechanic can expect to make $31,000 a year and on the high end you can expect to make more than $71,000 a year. The field is expected to experience normal growth for the next several years.

Mechanic Schools