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Paralegal Studies Certificates

If you have an associates or bachelors degree in something other than legal studies, and you have decided that you might want to change your career to a paralegal, then what you might want to do is enroll in a paralegal certificate program. This will enable you to switch careers quickly and effectively. There are a variety of different schools that offer a paralegal certificate program all over the United States. If you are a very busy person, you might find it hard to go back to school. If you are really interested in paralegal training, there are some schools that offer the certificate in paralegal studies online. One of those schools is The Washington Online Learning Institute.

Most of these certificate in paralegal programs only take five months and the student can find themselves in the exciting world of legal issues. The course work is geared to those who already have a well rounded educational base. These kinds of programs are especially made for professionals who want to get into the legal work force quickly.

There are five major courses that are needed to complete the certificate in paralegal studies program. Those would be Introduction to the World of Law, Ethics, Investigation and Legal Reasoning, Litigation and Advocacy and Law Office Administration – Using Computers in the Law Office. All of the courses are four weeks in length which total the five months required for the certification.

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