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Social Science Certificates

Social science degrees certificate programs will provide you with all of the necessary skills to get an entry-level job in one of the social sciences and will likely allow you to thrive within the field. Depending on which of the social sciences you choose to pursue, your job opportunity will widely vary. If, for instance, you are interested in archeology, you will enter a field with a 9 percent job growth rate. But if you are an anthropologist, you will enjoy a 15 percent job growth rate. Regardless of the particular field within the social sciences, all social sciences are expected grow at steady rates through 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.

When looking to begin a social science degrees certificate program, it's best to first look at the school you would like to attend. There are many options to choose from, from online courses that allow you to set your own schedule to campuses that provide a wide array of services and support staff. Many people these days opt for online courses at universities such as Kaplan University and Liberty University because they allow you to customize your schedule and coursework and study at your own pace.

Many advanced students prefer online social science degrees certificate programs because they want to go through the coursework rapidly and at their own pace. This allows them to complete the entire program faster and enter the professional job market sooner.

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