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Art & Design Doctorate Degrees

Art & design doctorate degrees are not that easy to get. However, if you are really serious with your craft and you want to land a higher-paying job in this field, you should consider investing in a graduate program. You should also be prepared to study art and design research. In order to have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the arts, you will be exposed to classes that will hone your methodological, analytical, and philosophical evaluation. You may even have subjects in other related disciplines, such as history, natural science, management, and communication. However, you would need a master’s in design or art education before you can enroll in a doctorate degree.

People who graduate from art & design doctorate degrees are in demand these days. In fact, job growth in this field is expected to rise up to 16% until 2016. If you are eyeing a top position in a museum or at the university, it is important that you not only show that you have the ability to perform in-depth research through synthesis, analysis and intensive evaluation, but that you also have a doctorate degree.

Some of the most prestigious jobs that you can get with an art & design doctorate degree include university professorships and art directorship. A university professor with over 10 years of teaching experience can earn annual salary in the range of $60,000 and $120,000.

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