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Education Doctorate Degrees

While there are a number of placements that you could receive after graduating with even an Associate’s degree in Education, those who take the time to earn a teaching & education degrees doctorate have the opportunity to advance their careers even further. A Doctorate degree is recommended for anyone who wishes to teach at a high school with tenure, become a specialist in a specific field, or teach at a university. Putting the steps into motion to earn this level of degree is simply a matter of first gaining the background and classroom experience that is necessary for the field, and then finding a school that offers the specialized courses online to suit your busy schedule. Schools range from Capella University, which offers a PhD in Educational Administration, to Argosy University, offering a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.

Those who are seeking a degree on the level of a teaching & education degrees doctorate will probably have a field of specialization that they are most interested in, so it’s worth taking the time to research these different online courses to find one that best fits your advanced career goals.

Even though the time and effort it takes to earn a teaching & education degrees doctorate can be quite consuming, it is worth it in the long run when one thinks of the extra earning capacity that can be received as a result, up to 25% more than those holding a Master’s degree, and an even higher rate over those with simply an undergraduate degree in education.

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