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Health Care Doctorate Degrees

A doctorate degree in health care will help you reach the highest levels of your industry.  An online degree at this level is likely to have a primary focus on research in your specialized area of study. A doctorate in health care will develop students’ skills in order to analyze research data to formulate new options in providing and administering health care. A doctoral program may also focus on management skills that will be expected of an individual at this level. Capella University offers the additional options of degrees in the areas of counseling studies, social and community services, and nursing education.

A doctoral degree in health care is best suited for those who enjoy academic research and theory. It may also be the right choice for individuals who wish to become educators for students seeking post-secondary degrees. Research the education requirements for specific health care field careers at our health care career center page.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for those in all aspects of health care is highly favorable, with an overall growth rate of twenty-two percent expected through 2018.  There is currently a shortage of those qualified to teach nursing, so a doctoral degree in nurse education should prove to be quite lucrative in terms of salary.

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