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Human Resources Doctorate Degrees

A doctorate degree in human resources will focus on developing a deeper understanding of the history and current practices that are used in dealing with employees on many levels.  A doctorate degree in human resources will develop the student’s ability to design and implement research in this area as well as provide instruction as to how to analyze research data. Capella University offers students a doctorate program in human resources management to delve into the theories about employee relations. Michigan State University offers an on-site degree program that focuses on research studies in the industry.

A doctorate degree in human resources is best suited to experienced human resource professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge base to become consultants, writers, or educators in this field. It may also be the right choice for anyone who is considering becoming a full partner in a business or developing their own company. Research the education requirements for specific human resources field careers at our human resources career center page.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for those working in the human resources field is favorable.  Those with a doctorate degree can expect to find employment in both the private and public sectors, generally with a large employer or government agency.  Earning a doctoral degree will significantly increase the earnings potential of the individual.

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