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Nursing Doctorate Degrees

A doctorate degree in nursing prepares nurses for a career in health administration, advanced clinical practice as well as clinical research and study.  The doctorate degree in nursing takes from four to six years and requires commitment on your part.  Training may include research methods, data and statistics analysis, history and philosophy of nursing as a science and leadership skills. There are various doctorate programs for nurses who wish to pursue further study.  A doctorate degree in nursing involves developing advanced practice nurse specialist skills preparing them to become leaders in making decisions in a variety of clinical, educational and organizational settings. 

A doctorate degree in nursing program requires graduate leadership positions in patient outcomes, research and clinical care delivery while graduates of a Doctor of Nursing Science program prepares nurses for scientific and investigative skills of a researcher.  It is mainly concerned with health care economics and analysis.  A dissertation is usually required for this degree level, as it would be in other majors. Another doctorate degree is on nursing philosophy.  The program prepares nurses to contribute to the growth of nursing science with theoretical foundation.  Graduate are expected to engage in professional and scholarly life. 

These doctorate programs normally take 3 to 5 years.  Whatever you choose, there is a doctorate degree in nursing program that caters to your needs and interests. You can even pursue your degree online by going to a school like the Kaplan University.

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