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Social Work Doctorate Degrees

By undergoing a social work degrees doctorate program, you have essentially expressed that you are whole-heartedly interested in social work and helping people. Because there are many needs for social work out there, you have chosen a noble field. Many people who go into social work end up working with children and families. This could involve physical or substance abuse issues or simply the absence of one of the family members. Other social workers stick to the medical field and help the elderly or mentally ill. In any case, if you are considering a job in the social work field, you should have an understanding of what a social worker does and what it will take to achieve your goals.

Many jobs in social work require a master's in social work, psychology or sociology. Some entry level jobs only require a bachelor's degree, and even fewer jobs will accept someone with less education that that. The top jobs in social work require a social work degrees doctorate, so if you are interested in really succeeding in social work, you will begin your coursework at a university soon. Some universities you have to choose from are online universities, such as Capella University and Stratford University.

These schools and their social work degrees doctorate programs provide classes in communication, behavioral science, psychology and other courses, plus a salary that averages $60,000 a year and up.

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