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Technology Doctorate Degrees

Taking the time and effort to earn a technology & IT degrees doctorate affords you the opportunity to really delve deep into your topic of interest and become an expert. Graduates with PhD’s in this field rank at the forefront of the technology movement, going into computer design, web design, and research studies in some cases. Another alternative would be to become a professor, or to run the IT department at a large corporation. Schools that offer a PhD in IT technology include Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for those students who want a deeper knowledge. Topics covered include systems analysis and database management, taking those skills learned during the undergraduate years and sharpening them, while all the while using critical thinking skills.

Although earning a technology & IT degrees doctorate can take upwards of five years, this can be done part-time from the comfort of your home if you choose to study through an online course. Graduates can expect to receive a position within the realm of management, teaching, or research in any number of large companies.

The field of technology has been experiencing a boom since the 1990’s, and this is only expected to continue, according to the US Bureau of Labor. The growth rate for those with a technology & IT degrees doctorate will continue in terms of demand through much of the next decade.

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