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Art & Design Master's Degrees

If you are eyeing any of the art & design master degrees available in numerous universities and colleges in the country, you have to love the arts and exert extra effort in honing your creative skills. In order to land a higher position in this field, you need a master’s degree and tons of experience under your belt. Some of the courses that you can expect to take if you apply for this graduate program include textile design, animation, illustration, or even fashion or interior design. Your focus subjects will depend on what art field you want to specialize in.

Job positions in the art and design industry is expected to grow even more, especially because of the emerging demand for web and graphic designers. If you want to pursue a career in the academe, art & design master degrees are necessary before you can teach art in the tertiary level. To be able to teach in a university, you may even be required to take a doctoral program. Other exciting career opportunities include art director, advertising executive, or even multi-media artist. If you do not want to have a boss, you can open an art business of your own.

Based on the poll results conducted by AIGA, the annual salary of master designers can be between $35,000 and $105,000. The amount of money you earn is dependent on your experience and geographical location.

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